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DryLander has many food photos already taken for your convenience and cost savings!

DryLander uses only the best quality possible to assure eye catching food images!

DryLander has the experience and knowledge to put Your Restaurant (or other Business) into the Spot Light and MAKE MORE PROFIT!


DryLander Design offers full-service Restaurant Marketing which includes HD Food Phtotography.

Let the world see your Restaurant's Plates of Food! Put them in your Menus, Social Media, Website, Ads, Printed Materials and More!

Once your Photo Library is started, you can add or take away from it as you go, eventually building up a Photo Gallery Library from which to choose.

Here is a sample of DryLander Design's HD Food Photography:

HD Food Photograhpy will increase your sales!HD Food Photography Sells More Meals!HD Food Photography is the answer to successful Restaurant Marketing!HD Food Photography by DryLander is portable,... we come to you!

DryLander Design brings HD Photography Studio to Your Restaurant (or other place of business)!

The Images Photographed are fresh from Your Restaurant Kitchen (or other product source), capturing that moment forever to market and share.

DryLander Design and Web Development comes to Your Restaurant and sets up our HD Photo Studio to capture your images FRESH!



DryLander Design owner, Ron Lewis, has been repairing his Family's old photos since 1995 and has mastered the art of Photo Repair and Storage of large volumes of pictures. Currently, Lewis has over 2,000 personal old Family photos, while having edited, repaired and stored somewhere around 7,000 total photos in his 20+ years of digital photo editing.

DryLander Design can repair, edit, brighten, enhance and convert your old, worn out Family Photos into High Defintion Photos then store those photos on backup drives forever for you!


When we enhance and edit your old photos and then add names to those in the photos, you preserve forever more throughout time so everyone will know who is in the Photos by name!

Old Photos can be enhanced, repaired and brought back to life, then stored forever on disk!

Old Photos are a Family's best memories of their past, in most cases the best one.

Old Photos fade as time goes by until they are no longer visible and will eventually completely go away.

Here is a photo of my Family from 1948 in which the enhancements have clearly brought detail back that had faded very bad. The Photo was almost lost.

Once Mom passed away, it was difficult (at best) to recognize who these Family members are?

Check out the next photo to see how wonderful it is to retain the names, providing recognition and rememberance forever!






Old Photos that have the names of the folks in the photos, to forever remember and pass on to generatiions to come!

Names to the faces on the Photos provides Family history and knowledge to be passed on to future generations.

How many times have you come across an old photo and wondered, "Who are these people that I am related to in this picture"?

These photos can be uploaded to Ancestory.com or any other website for permanent storage and world wide sharing in High Definition!

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Information on a Photo is invaluable to future geneations.
Preserve the valuable information directly on the digital photographs that can then be easily shared and sent to anyone anywhere!

Store the information about the photo directly on the photo in HD format!